Joliet Jake BluesJoliet Jake Blues began life as William Smith-Eccles, a young drummer from a small mining village in the heart of Derbyshire. He was raised in the 60's and grew a passion for music, putting together his own band of friends to share his love. As Jake grew older and responsibilities became a part of life, he decided to try his hand at comedy alongside his close friend Mark, and together they became the double act Eccles and Ritchie. They toured their act throughout the UK for many years.

During the late 80's the cult film The Blues Brothers was a hit sensation across America and soon to be a success in the UK, and this is when 'Jake and Elwood Blues Revue' was born. It started out as part of their comedy routine, adding a lively touch, but they were soon to find that their Blues Brothers Show was to take a different turn.

In 1989 Jake decided to put his heart and soul into the new show and created the first Blues Brothers Production to tour UK theatres. During this time he encountered a problem when he received a letter from Dan Aykroyds attorneys trying to stop him using the name Jake Blues, and that's when William Smith-Eccles became Joliet Jake Blues, by law! He began to wear his trilby hat and Ray Ban shades religiously, and it soon became a part of him and was renown for his look, next to arrive after his deed poll papers, was his driving licence and passport, complete with his picture, of him wearing his shades!! From this moment on he was officially the only person in the world (as far as we know) to have sunglasses on his passport and driving licence and the rest is Blues History.

Gizmo BluesWatch for Jake Blues and his best friend Gizmo as they travel the UK in the fabulous Blues Mobile. This amazing car and it's massive sound system is available for Proms, Weddings and any other special events!

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Jake and Elwood also feature guest appearances by blues favourites Buzz D'Angelo as the Godfather of Soul and the iincredible Kurt White as Ray Charles.

James Brown & Ray Charles

The Black Rhino BandTheBlack Rhino Band are one of the UK's foremost Blues Bands. Comprised of many talented musicians, they provide the musical force behind Jake & Elwoods powerful vocals, and entertaining dance moves.

The fabulous Chevelles provide the backing vocals for Jake and Elwood. Soul sisters Jet and Ebony Blues electrify the crowd with such favourites as 'Think' and

Steve Jordan is not only a talented drummer, he is the backbone of this great band. A musician with many talents, Steve can turn his hand to any task, includeing driving the big rigs used to transport this monster stage show.

John "Johnny Lightning" Levell has been in the Black Rhino Band for some time now. He has a very big talent when it comes to guitar, he has been playing all different styles of music for years. On stage John has a real passion for the music I think you will agree when you see him play 'Shot Gun Blues' he makes it look like the easiest task in the world.

Hammond organ and Keyboard player J.D Hammond thrills audiences with his authentic re-creations of classics such as Booker T an the MG's 'Green Onions'. He really makes the job look easy. J.d is a master of musical arrangement, and has played with many Two Tone and Ska bands over the years, including The Specials.

On bass is the amazing Dave "The Doctor" Brubaker. When playing Blues Brothers Music, there is one song that needs to be played with absolute perfection - 'She caught the Katy'. With his steady grooves, Dave re-creates this Duck Dunn masterpiece ease. Dave is happy laying down the sweet sound of Blues and Soul. A credit to the band, indeed.

On trumpet, Mr Phil Reckless. Phil has been with the band now for only a short time, but in that time, he has become an outstanding asset to the Black Rhino horn section. Phil's outstanding playing sets a standard that Alan "Mr Fabulous" Rubin would be proud of!

Saxaphonist Mr Nick Smith gives his all when playing, and it shows. Nick is also a very well established Jazz player, who thrills audiences with his blinding solo in 'Flip Flop Fly'. Nick may well give Blue Lou a run for his money!